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Traveling to the dark corners of my mind

Wishing more and more to leave it all behind

The grip he has on my soul would make me half of one should I tear myself away

How do I leave knowing the turmoil and devastation left in my wake?

The blame and the guilt weighing heavily on my heart every waking moment

A piece of me dies with every hurtful word uttered from his lips

Inevitably becoming the shell of the woman I used to be

Ignoring my need to be desired

Pushing it back down the center of my core

As time escapes, the desire becomes louder than my strength to suppress it

For now, foolishly believing that things will change, as hope slowly fades




Don’t you understand who I am?
Don’t you realize that if it were not for my womb, this earth would be barren?
The pleasure I give you would not exist without my mysteries.
You would not know what tenderness means without my touch.

I am not an object for you to own.
I am not a piece of meat for you to regurgitate.
I am not a trophy for you to showcase.
I am not a vision for you to fornicate to.

I am a complex mind with territory yet unexplored.
I am an exquisite creature that shelters the fruit of humankind.
My body is the keeper of an abundance of mysteries and pleasures.
I am more than what you are willing to comprehend.

I am a lover, a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an artist . . .

I am Eve.