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To My Children – Zaria, Zion, Izaiah

I watch you grow to someday let you go
I once only thought of my dreams and possibilities
But the power of your love has made me selfless and whole
I once used to desire the love I read about in romance novels
Never once imagining the power of your unconditional love would make me complete as one being

Those long sleepless nights in which you learned to sleep, as I dreamt of your future, all while not believing my eyes as I stood in awe of God’s perfection
The sore sensitive nipples as we both learned to nurse
Those scars healing in that beautiful mound that is now dually a pleasure seeker and life bearer
The bumps, curves, and stretch marks I thought would destroy my body, I now wear proudly as battle scars
I truly understand as all mothers before me, how to juggle and endure

I dread for the future of the world now not because I am in it, but because you are
I truly understand a mother’s guilt and being torn between staying and leaving, straddling the threshold
I have developed a truer understanding with all my fellow mothers of the unspoken bond because of the experience and love I now know
Sharing our battle stories in the same trenches

The countless hours I watched you slumber breathing in your sweet precious breathe
Inhaling your comforting elixir as you lay on my skin knowing you sleep nowhere better than in my arms
And the times I have spent in my darkest hours I have come to realize that not only are you my heart, but my saving grace

I pray my loves that you grow, love, endure, amaze, forgive, laugh, cry, fight, and exist in every way you alone have taught me.