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My Beloved Esther


“When they are young they step on your toes,

When they are grown they step on your heart.”

You crossed my mind this evening, my Beloved Esther as I was watching my very own. I was caught up in the moment thinking fondly of you. Then just like a flash, World War III broke out in my living room. Why animals eat their young became perfectly clear.

I miss your wisdom and your innocence.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Envisioning a life that will never be

Living your life, living mine

Going through the motions of the day to day

Overwhelmed with the monotony


The mundane, a reality

Like the instructions on a shampoo bottle

Lather, rinse, repeat….

Lather, rinse, repeat…

Only a matter of time before there is nothing to lather, rinse, repeat


Clinging to any spark of life

Whatever exists, slowly fading

Grasping on to anything, to awaken something

Feeling alive, needing to feel like a woman again

A Round of Applause for Pantene!

I know what you are thinking, “what does this ad have to do with Pantene hair products?” The answer is, “do not think about the product, but the message.” I have to applaud Pantene for bringing one issue to the forefront. As women in the workplace, we are still seen in a negative light no matter how equally successful we are to our male counterparts. In 2003, two professors one from Columbia University and another from New York University, put their heads together and experimented. Their result is now famously called the “Heidi/Howard” study.

The two professors split their classes in half and distributed a case study, which was the story of successful venture capitalist Heidi Roizen. The name in the story was changed to Howard in half of the case studies. The students agreed that both Heidi and Howard (who did not exist) were equally impressive and competent. However, the students “were less likely to hire or work for Heidi”. The conclusion: success in the workplace has a negative correlation for women, where it has a positive correlation for men.

Gender inequality still exists. Sexism is global. It is very unfortunate that half of the world’s population is still viewed “less than” the other half simply because they are women.